Frank Staza

United States

Master Athlete: Carlton, Michigan

Personal Bests

Braemar StoneOpenHighlands of Durham Games 27'3.5" 24.0lbs.2007.07.21
Open StoneMastersHighlands of Durham Games 41'10.5" 16.0lbs.2005.07.23
SheafOpenHighlands of Durham Games 24'0.0" 0.0lbs.2007.07.21
Caber  N/A 
Light Weight for DistanceOpenHighlands of Durham Games 56'11.0"2007.07.21
Heavy Weight for DistanceMastersHighlands of Durham Games 39'10.0"2005.07.23
Light HammerMastersHighlands of Durham Games 98'10.5"2005.07.23
Heavy HammerOpenHighlands of Durham Games 71'8.0"2007.07.21
Weight Over BarMastersHighlands of Durham Games 15'6.0"2005.07.23

Games Record

2007.07.21Highlands of Durham Games8 27'3.5" 24.0lbs. 36'11.0" 19.0lbs. 24'0.0" 0.0lbs.N/A 56'11.0" 28'1.0"N/A 71'8.0" 12'0.0"
2005.07.23Highlands of Durham Games6N/A 41'10.5" 16.0lbs. 24'0.0" 0.0lbs.N/A 56'2.0" 39'10.0" 98'10.5"N/A 15'6.0"

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