The Canadian Scottish Athletic Federation (CSAF) is chartered to preserve the traditional athletic heritage of Scottish culture through Highland Games in Canada in the form of the Heavy Events. We seek to respect the diversity of the Games in Canada, while providing support and opportunities for national unity through dialogue, education, and championships.

CSAF will support regional Heavy Events associations, athletes and individual Games by:

  • Maintains results of games across Canada
  • Message board for Heavy Events participants in Canada
  • Recording Canadian records and past champions
  • Recognizes the contributions of athletes in a “Hall of Fame”
  • Canadian Heavy Events Championships


2021 CSAF Alternative Competition Format

Greetings all heavies!

During our last board meeting we established a set of guidelines (a big thank you to the committee members who worked on this!) to help you as a competitor or an AD participate/host heavy events during the 2021 season. Please take a look at the following document and forward any applications for games, questions or concerns you might have to the following email: csafgames@outlook.com

Click Here to read the document.

We are looking forward to seeing many games take place all over the country this summer!

Good luck and stay safe!

Celine Gibb

CSAF President

Coming Events